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Our Teachers

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Our Teachers
Posted Tuesday, January 26, 2016 08:08 AM

I've always been very grateful for having received an education in the Lockport Public Schools.  All of our teachers were outstanding.  I particularly remember with great respect and admiration Mr. Palmiter, Mr. Karp and Mrs. Wiese at Lockport Senior High School and Mr. Gould at Emmet Belknap Junior High School.

Our Teachers
Posted Tuesday, January 26, 2016 08:19 PM

I, too, have long believed that we had extraordinary teachers throughout our decades in the Lockport public school system. The first teacher to leave a lasting impact on me was my 6th grade teacher at John E. Pound, Miss Llewelyn. She created a magical environment where learning was fun, class participation was comfortable, kindness was contagious and hard work was applauded. She prepared us well for the scary transition to Junior High. 

And, that was just the beginning: Miss Burke, Miss Becker, Miss Stevens (!!!!), Mr. Ross, Mr. Palmiter, Mrs.Wiese, Herr Karp, Dr. Murphy...Lucky us.

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Our Teachers
Posted Thursday, January 28, 2016 02:33 AM

As important as our teachers in junior and senior high school were to all of us, let's not forgot those educators who dedicated themselves to our betterment in the most formative years of elementary school---similar to Beth, I'll always hold the teachers and staff at John E. Pound School in the highest regard!!!

In my case, I'm referring especially to Miss Joyce, my afternoon kindergarten teacher, followed by Mrs. Cobb in first grade, Mrs. Meahl in second grade, Miss Joseph in third grade, Mrs. Evoy in fourth grade, Mr. Pasarelli in fifth grade and Miss Llewelyn in sixth grade.

There were others, of course, who also played a prominent role in the early development of those of us fortunate enough to attend John E. Pound from September 1953 to June 1960 including Miss Armor, the principal, Mr. Linville, our gym teacher, Mrs. Callahan, our music teacher, and our amazing art teacher, Mr. Whalen.

All of them deserve our gratitude and appreciation as do their colleagues at the other "oldtime" elementary schools including Emmet Belknap, Charlotte Cross, DeWitt Clinton, Washington Hunt and North Park as well as the "upstart" Charles Upson that "stole" some of our dear friends and classmates before the start of sixth grade for which the rest of us will never quite forgive or forget!!!

Chris Dix

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Our Teachers
Posted Thursday, January 28, 2016 08:57 AM

I remember with much gratitude my teachers at Emmet Belknap Elementary School: My kindergarden teacher Mrs. Violet G. Dussualt Wyles McGovern, my first grade teacher Miss Genevieve Scott, my second grade teacher Mrs. Margaret L. Jackson, my third grade teacher Mrs. Hazel Travers Kemp, my fourth grade teacher Miss Amber P. McDowell, my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Virginia R. Kilberer Kay, and my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Florence A. Keating Redmond.

I'm also indebted to my elementary school reading teachers, whose names I don't recall (although I think one of them may have been Miss Ethel R. McGonigal).  By teaching me how to read they gave me a gift that has lasted a lifetime.  Of course it all began with Dick, Jane, Spot and Puff, and with the Weekly Reader.

I remember Music teacher Mr. Cornelius D. Gall who tried to teach me and my fellow elementary school classmates how to play black plastic song flutes.  Mr. Gall was a good teacher and a good person, but he became frustrated with us when we failed to master our flutes (it's fair to say that some of us brutalized our flutes).  Many years later I learned that Mr. Gall was born in Brasov, Romania.  Mr. Gall was a Music teacher and Orchestra director at both Emmet Belknap Junior High School and Lockport Senior High School.

I remember Mr. Arnold B. Austin, who was Principal of Emmet Belknap School (both Elementary and Junior High).  He was a very nice person.  Several times I got called into his office ("the Principal's Office"), but always for good reasons.  (Fortunately I never got called into the office of Vince Principal and disciplinarian Mr. Edward Sullivan.  I remember Mr. Sullivan.  He was my Trigonometry teacher in summer school at Lockport Senior High School.  An excellent teacher and a man of high integrity.)  Many years later, in 1978, Mr. Austin and his wife Mrs. Lorraine Austin (a substitute teacher at Emmet Belknap) were in a serious automobile accident.  Mrs. Austin survived but Mr. Austin died from his injuries.

It probably was Miss McGovern who introduced me to colors.  I found the many colors of the spectrum to be amazing and very pleasing.  When I moved on to first grade, and possibly when I advanced to second grade as well, sometimes after classes had completed for the day I went over to Miss McGovern's room to help the Kindergardeners put on their boots.  I still remember the play house inside the Kindergarden room.

One time in Mrs. Kay's fifth grade class she had her students do an exercise in a workbook decoding printed Morse code.  I completed the exercise on my paper/workbook very, very quickly.  Mrs. Kay was upset with me, thinking I had cheated by doing the exercise in advance, until I told her I already knew Morse code from amateur (ham) radio.

Miss McDowell lived in an apartment on High Street a short distance from the Aikin family home.  One time I rewired the electrical cords in five of her lamps, for which she paid me the princely sum (for that time) of $1.00 for each lamp.  Over the years I've wondered if I charged her too much.  Miss McDowell, like my other elementary school teachers, was a wonderful teacher and person.  God Bless them all.

One of my memories from Emmet Belknap Elementary School is the first time I kissed a girl.  We kissed in the cloak room in one of the class rooms.  I remember the girl (she is one of our Class of 1966 classmates and has registered at this reunion website), but I'll let her decide if she wants to reveal her identity (although she probably doesn't remember the event -- likely I wasn't a very good kisser).

Another memory of Emmet Belknap is the students lining up in front of the steps at the entrances to the two wings of the building each morning, the elementary school students at the left (east) wing and the junior high school students at the right (west) wing.  I wonder if now students at Emmet Belknap still line up that way at the start of each school day.

Miss McDowell and Miss McGinogal never married.  Does anyone know if Miss Scott married and, if she did, the name of her husband?

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RE: Our Teachers
Posted Monday, February 1, 2016 05:22 PM

Chris,  I had all of the teachers you had and was in you classes except I had Mrs. Lorraine Brady for 2nd And 3rd and Miss Gladys Scott, at Upson for 6th.  I cried for days when we were told we were to be separated from our John E. Pound family! But I have to admit I met so many great "new" friends and I loved Miss Scott. Several times she took me to her apartment on High Street for lunch because she knew I hated fish sticks often served on Friday. Of course that would NEVER happen in today's world! Do you remember Mr. Harris, our custodian at John Pound? He was a great guy and I especially remember him as he helped me get my tongue unstuck from the slide in the playground in the winter! I think I was in kindergarten before I learned the importance of keeping your tongue away from metal in freezing weather. Our teachers were outstanding and I will always hold them in the highest esteem. I also wanted to mention Mrs. Donahue, Beth's mom. She was a fine music teacher but also supported our ninth grade cheerleading squad by making 10 stitched down pleated, wool cheerleading skirts for our squad. How many moms would have undertaken that task with a full time job and 6 kids? In Jr. High I was inspired by Mr. Frost, Miss Stevens, Mr. Shea, Mr. Braunbach, Miss Burke and Mr. Speranza. In high school it was Mrs. Miles who taught me a love of literature and Mr. Whitmore, who I babysat for and frequently walked to school with. I loved earth science and Mr. Culbertson. All in all, the class of '66 was a fortunate group indeed for all the treasures we shared in our childhoods!




RE: Our Teachers
Posted Monday, February 1, 2016 05:33 PM

Mary Jane, thanks for the great memories. I do remember Mom making all those stitched-down pleated skirts in the middle of summer. Loved those cheerleading outfits! BTW - I'm really hoping to hunt down Miss Stevens; will let you know if I'm successful.

RE: Our Teachers
Posted Monday, February 1, 2016 08:08 PM

Beth, I loved Miss Stevens! I'll always remember her laugh and sense of humor. She was perfect for Jr high kids and can't imagine anybody not loving her! Please let me know if you track her down.  I would love to let her know, all these years later, what a positive influence and inspiration she was! Btw... We looked good thanks to your mom. Darlene Swanson's dad took movies of us at the track at Emmet Belknap. Wonder what ever happened to it????

RE: Our Teachers
Posted Friday, February 5, 2016 03:26 PM

Just how many decades did you spend in the school system Beth?  I remember you being a pretty good student.  Did you start before we knew you?

RE: Our Teachers
Posted Friday, February 5, 2016 05:24 PM

I was in the system from the very beginning. Kindergarten at John E Pound; Jr. High at Belknap and then, of course, LSHS.  Pretty good student; I worked so hard. Nice to hear from you Harley!

RE: Our Teachers
Posted Friday, February 5, 2016 06:02 PM

Well, my comment was intended as a joke, since we only spend (a lifetime) 13 years at most (except Ron Mott) in the system.  You worked hard.  I didn't, and suffered for it.....

RE: Our Teachers
Posted Sunday, February 7, 2016 09:37 PM

Dr. Donnelly - you have made us all proud. You did discover the value of hard work and look at what you've accomplished.