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Katherine "Kathy" Adams (Corson) Sellersburg, IN Teacher at Second Presbyterian Church preschool. Dancer -- English Country dancing, International dancing, Scottish dancing, Morris dancing. Married to Donald Corson, mother of two children.  
Laverne Aderman Died 4-Sept-2021 Lockport, NY    
Steven Adkins Died 11-Jan-1998 Barker, NY    
William "Bill" Agronin Lockport, NY Graduate of Jacksonville University (studied History and Political Science). Social Studies teacher, public school administrator, Head Women's Basketball Coach at Niagara University, part-time administrator and Assistant Principal at Lockport High School. Lockport High School Distinguished Alumnus (2011 honoree). Married to Nancy, father of three children. FB
Gary Aikin Cary, NC Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (B.S. Electrical Engineering), pre-MBA classes at Gannon College, Computer Science classes at The Ohio State University, M.S. in Computing and Information Science from Case Western Reserve University (classes at Bell Laboratories in Columbus, OH). Software engineer, telephony systems engineer and telephony equipment engineer at Corona Networks, Northern Telecom/Nortel Networks, AT&T Bell Laboratories, ITT Telecom and GTE General Telephone Company of Pennsylvania. After graduating from RPI lived in Erie, PA, Stratford, CT, Columbus, OH area, and Cary, NC. Married to Linda Matthews, no children. FB
Sandra Ainsworth (Few) Lockport, NY   FB
Nancy Aker (Rollins) Vallejo, CA    
Theresa "Terri" Angelo (Martineck) Barker, NY Married to Donald Martineck. FB
Paul Anson Died 22-May-1986 Vietnam veteran.  
Edith Apolito (Flanagan) Lockport, NY    
Walter Archie Naples, FL

Graduate of the University of Miami (studied Accounting; lifeguard for four years). Bond trader on Chicago Board of Trade.VP of Claire's Boutique, Managing Director LL Bean Hong Kong.  VP Product Development and Sourcing at Dick's Sporting Goods (Hong Kong, Pittsburgh), Managing Director of Global Sourcing at 511 Tactical in Hong Kong. Lived in Hong Kong for 25 years before moving to Naples, Florida. Married to Jennifer, father of two children.

Justin, has a Master's Degree, Software Engineer, University of Miami. 

Bradley, MBA Katz School of Business university of Pittsburgh..  

Michele Arrigo (Stickney) Holiday, FL Married to Patrick Stickney.  
Bonnie Babbick (Parr) Canandaigua, NY    
Constance "Connie" Babcock (Zimmerman) Newfane, NY    
Paul Babcock   U.S. Air Force veteran.  
Sharon Bascom (Bloomingdale) Gasport, NY    
Soren Bauman   American Field Service foreign exchange student from Denmark.  
Lorna Beakman (Ulrich) Dade City, FL    
Clay Beccue Barrington, RI    
Karl Beccue Lugoff, SC   FB
Sharon Beecher (Gibson) Died 9-Jun-2003 Lewiston, NY    
Debra Berg (Zinter) Johnstown, NY    
Kathleen "Kathy" Bernard (Heyde) San Tan Valley, AZ   FB
John Bernardi Lockport, NY Contracting. Married to Susan Fabian, father of two children. FB
Rebecca Berner Lockport, NY    
Dana Bigelow Died 28-Nov-2003 North Tonawanda, NY U.S. Navy veteran-Vietnam.  
Richard Bishop Camillus, NY    
Gail Blackley (Gunby) Newfane, NY   FB
Donna Bloomingdale (Simard) Gasport, NY   FB
William Bolton Lockport, NY    
Lucille "Lucy" Boudreau (Kemp) Lockport, NY    
David Bowen Died 19-May-2016 U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War. Truck driver for Harrison Radiator. Husband of Betty Wright, father of one son, step-father of three step-sons.  
Frederick "Fred" Bower Lockport, NY and/or Boone, NC    
Linda Bowler (Ander) Montomery, AL Retired from AT&T. Mother of one child.  
Neva Boyer (Kraatz) Spring Hill, FL Worked at R. G. Barry Corporation. Mother of two children. FB
Timothy "Tim" Brady Nyack, NY Degree in speech, radio and TV from SUNY Geneseo. Audio-Visual Specialist for the Irvington, NY Public School District. Own business EDIT Sight & Sound, a concert sound reinforcement company. Live audio engineer. House engineer for the Tarrytown, NY Music Hall. Accomplished player of guitar and other musical instruments, played music in several groups. Married to Dorothy, father of two children. FB
Dale Bragg Salamanca, NY    
Dorothy Brath (Culverwell) Lockport, NY    
Richard Brauer Died 17-Jun-2011 North Tonawanda, NY U.S. Army veteran of Vietnam War. Co-Owner of Brauer's Restaurant and owner of Dick's Landscaping. Pendleton, NY Town Councilman and Town Supervisor. Husband of Suzanne Burngasser, father of four children.  
Eldonna "Dee" Brock (Long) Ankeny, IA Adjunct professor in education department, substitute teacher. Married to Donald Long, mother of two children. FB
Richard "Rick" Brookover Gallatin, TN Air Force veteran. Married to Martha, father of two children. FB
Wayne Brooks St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada B.A., M.S., J.D, L.L.B. Lawyer/attorney in St. Catharines and Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada.  
Arthur Brown Lockport, NY    
Burley Brown Died 23-Jun-2016 Italy Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force 1966-1970, at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy. Worked in family owned construction business. Husband of Barthrilla Favret, father of one son.  
Christina "Chris" Brown (Parker) Rochester, NY Workers' compensation underwriting supervisor. Mother of two children. FB
Michael "Brownie" Brown Died 9-Sep-2009 Santa Barbara, CA Played basketball at Niagara University. Member of Niagara University Hall of Fame for basketball.  
Nancy Brown      
Robert Brown      
Charles Buchheit Lockport, NY    
Mary Buchheit (Eichinger) Died 1-Mar-2013 Lockport, NY Worked in customer service at Dave Smith Ford.  
Barbara Budde (Carney) Died 20-Dec-1995 Lockport, NY    
Harold Budde Died 2-Sep-2007 Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War. Worked for Corson Manufacturing Company and Licata Brothers.  
Craig Burgess Died 30-Jun-2010 San Diego, CA Graduate of SUNY Geneseo. Emergency medical technician (EMT) in Western New York. Computer technician at Whalen Marketing and Sales in California. Lived in San Diego County, CA for 20 years.  
Reginald "Reggie" Buri Gasport, NY Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering degree from General Motors Institute (GMI), Master's in Divinity degree from a seminary, Master's in Business Administration degree from Niagara University. Maintenance Superintendent and Plant Engineer for the Allegheny Technologies (Allegheny Ludlum Corporation) (Allvac) plant in Lockport for 37 years. Coinventor named on U.S. patents 4953177 and 5131573. Pastor/minister in PA, NJ and NY for 18 years. Active at Lockport Alliance Church. Married to Barbara, father of three children.  
Carole Burke (Haak) Died 3-Jul-2006    
Anthony "Tony" Busch Lockport, NY Teaching degree from SUNY Geneseo. English (and some Drama) teacher in Wilson, NY public schools for 33 years. Director of local theater productions.  
Bonnie Butcher (Czechowski) Pendleton, NY Registered Nurse, worked at several hospitals, then worked at Department of Disability Determinations. Mother of two children, stepmother of two children. FB
Marc Butts Lockport, NY Worked at GM/Delphi Harrison Radiator. FB
Bette Butz (Nuhfer) Lockport, NY   FB
Michael "Mike" Cafora Lockport, NY Studied at Germain School of Photography. Chef at Seneca Niagara Casino. FB
Kevin Calos Plano, TX   FB
Richard "Dick" Cammarata Died 22-Jun-1964 Lockport, NY Died in a one-car automobile accident on the way to LSHS on the last day of school in June 1964.  
Marilyn Carlin (Smith) Died 2-May-2003 Charlotte, NC    
Hallie Carr Died 20-May-2015 Roanoke, VA Counselor, Assistant Principal and Principal at William Fleming High School in Roanoke, VA. Director of Guidance for Roanoke City Schools.  
Cheryl Casalinuovo (Klein) Lockport, NY   FB
Molly Case Lockport, NY Public school teacher.  
William "Bill" Caton Died 16-Feb-2001 Lived in Lockport, NY. Died in a plane on a business trip from Lockport to Philadephia. Never married. Computer programmer with Harrison Radiator and Electronic Data Systems (EDS); supervisor of database administration at EDS; project management consultant. Active in production of local plays and musical shows; designed sets and lighting for plays/shows.  
Peter Cervoni Lockport, NY    
Cheryl Charles (Palisano) Lockport, NY Married to Charles Palisano, mother of one child. FB
Jon Randall "Randy" Charles Hartford, WI Studied Music at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Freelance musician. Married to Susan. FB
Marianne Chiappone Newburgh, NY Mother of three children. FB
Elizabeth Cipolla (Green) Lockport, NY Retired from Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union where she worked as a Loan Officer in both the Mortgage Department and the Loan Department. Widow of Ronald Green Sr., mother of three children and grandmother of eight grandchildren. FB
Dorcas Clapsattle (Kershaw) Longwood, FL Compassionate Entrepeneur with Trades of Hope. Married to Jim Kershaw, mother of two children. FB
Kevin Clark Lockport, NY Biology teacher, Anatomy teacher and head Swimming coach at Lockport High School. Well known in Lockport. Accomplished piano player, frequently entertains and gives piano parties. Lockport High School Distinguished Alumnus (2008 honoree).  
Patrick Cleary Barker, NY    
David Cole Died 29-Nov-1982 Lockport, NY Graduate of Bryant and Stratton School of Business Administration. Gas pipe fitter at New York State Electric & Gas Corp.  
Doreen Colletti Lockport, NY    
Patrick "Pat" Colletti Lumber Bridge, NC U.S. Army veteran. 20 years military career, 10 years computer store owner/operator, 15 years IT for KFC and Cici's. Married to Mary Ann Lute, father of two children. FB
John Comstock Died 12-Apr-2004 Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War.  
Edward Conley Williamsville, NY General Manager Duff's Famous Wings. Married to Sheila McCann, father of four children.  
Anne Conlin (Smith) Hopewell, VA Married to William Smith, mother of three children.  
Gerald David Conrad Died 26-Jan-2005 (Tonawanda, NY?) US Army veteran of the Vietnam War. Husband and father.  
Marcia Cook (Plants) Died 9-Oct-2015 Lockport, NY Worked at Corson Manufacturing for 23 years, then as a Distribution Manager at Associated Brands in Medina. Mother of two children.  
Joanna Corriere (Bozzone) New Port Richey, FL    
Frederick "Rick" Corson Died 17-Oct-1968 Houston, TX Died from an automobile accident in Georgia. The family donated Rick's heart for a heart transplant performed by Dr. Michael DeBakey.  
Herbert "Herb" Corttis North Grosvenordale, CT Elementary school teacher. Father of two children.  
Janet Cowper (Chunco) Newfane, NY Married to Andy Chunco, mother of three children.  
David Cramer Lockport, NY    
Marilyn Criswell (Johnson) Sanborn, NY    
Judith "Judy" Cronkhite (Coumont) Lockport, NY Married to Gene Coumont, mother of two children. FB
Constance Crosby Erie, PA    
Paul David "Doc" Crosby Hickory, NC Goes by his middle name "David". Photographer. Widower of the late Joy Forlines, father of two children. FB
Meredith Culp (Bates) Charleston, SC Married to Ed Bates. FB
Delos Cummings Died 23-Jan-2006 Maryland Attended Batesville college. Worked as a sales clerk with many companies including Rite Aid Drug Store in Baltimore. Ham radio operator.  
Donald "Don" Curran Ocala, FL Rector of Christ the King Anglican Church in Ocala, FL ( Previously a minister at Grace Episcopal Church in Ocala. FB
John Currie Lockport, NY    
Rolland Currie Lockport, NY    
Anthony "Tony" Cuzzacrea Lockport, NY Worked at Harrison Radiator for 11 years, then worked as a truck driver.  
John Daigler Lockport, NY Worked in Human Resources for Sherwood for 30 years, then Buffalo General Hospital for 2 years, then Durez in Niagara Falls for 5 years. Married to Diane, father of two children. FB
Gary D'Amico Lockport, NY    
Michael "Mike" D'Auria DeLand, FL U.S. Army veteran. Married to Lesley.  
James "Jim" DeFelippo Pueblo, CO U.S. Army veteran. Semi-retired surveyor. Father of three sons. FB
John DeFilippo Lockport, NY    
Maureen Degan (Stephenson) Buffalo, NY    
Peter Degnan Dania, FL    
Paul DeLange Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran. Bachelor of Science in Vision Science (B.S.V.S.) and Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degrees from the Illinois College of Optometry. Optometrist in private practice since Feb-1976. Founder of the East Avenue Vision Center in Lockport. Married to Debby, father of two children.  
Linda Demmin (Fogle) Lockport, NY Employee of Unified Court System. Married to James "Rusty" Fogle, mother of one child, stepmother of one child.  
Douglas Dempsey Newfane, NY Studied at Niagara County Community College. U.S. Army veteran. Married to Sherry Ann, father of two children. FB
Annelie Dern (Schoop) Sioux City, IA    
Karen Dibley (Jones) Died 27-Jun-2005 Denver, CO Artist.  
Peter "Pete" Dickinson Burt, NY English teacher at Emmet Belknap and North Park schools, girls/women's basketball coach.  
Paul Diemert Lockport, NY    
Karl Dietz Died 9-Nov-2006 Lockport, NY    
Anthony "Tony" DiGiorgio Nashville, TN U.S. Army veteran. Married to Lyn, father of one child.  
Denise DiPasquale Hermosa Beach, CA Veteran of Women's Army Corps. Project Manager at El Camino College. FB
Daniel "Dan" DiPastena Fort Mill, SC U.S. Army veteran. Works at YMCA. Married to Joanna, father of five children.  
Christopher "Chris" Dix Honolulu, HI Graduate of the University of Rochester (Bachelor of Arts degree, major in foreign and comparative literature), law (J.D.) degree from the University of Buffalo Law School. International communications consultant. Worked at Gannett newspapers for many years. Publisher, President, CEO, Managing Director, General Counsel and/or Director of Personnel, and consulting work, at/for multiple newspapers and newspaper agencies/consulting companies (some of which Chris founded) in Hawaii, California, Japan, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, the Balkans and other places. Lived in Japan for a number of years, has lived in Hawaii for many years. Married to Masako, father of three children. FB
Linda Dixon (Muscarella) Lockport, NY Married to Samuel Muscarella.  
Martha "Marty" Dohring (Whitehead) Middleport, NY Graduate of Keuka College, Masters degree from the University of Oregon. Elementary librarian for Clarence Schools, first at Sheridan and Harris Hill, then at Clarence Center Elementary. Married to Lee Whitehead, mother of two children. FB
Bernard Dolan Died 24-Jul-2006 Tempe, AZ    
Elizabeth "Beth" Donahue (Cobb) Weston, CT Graduate of Syracuse University (Bachelor of Arts degree, fine arts major). Many years in advertising and marketing, living and working in New York City for 25 years. Co-founder and President of Donahue and Associates Advertising which was later sold to J. Walter Thompson. Since retiring Beth has served as a consultant on global businesses and is currently serving as a Field Interviewer on National Health Studies. Married to Jeffrey Cobb, mother of one child. FB
Harley Daniel "Dan" Donnelly Williston, VT Graduate of Kent State University, nursing degree from the University of Colorado, M.D. degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, residency in Family Medicine at the University of Rochester. Worked five years as a nurse in Maine before entering medical school. After completion of his residency spent three years as a physician in an underserved area of Maine. Then moved with his wife and son to Vermont where he is a Family Medicine physician at the Thomas Chittenden Health Center in Williston, VT. Married to Nancy, father of one child. FB
Diane Dowd (Harzewski) Lockport, NY    
Alan Downs      
Judy Downs (Esposito) Lyndonville, NY Graduate of Niagara County Community College. Registered Nurse for 49 years (last 23 years as a Home Care Nurse); dual licenses in FL and NY. Married to Stephen Esposito, mother of three children.  
Linda Doze      
Robert Drew Died 16-Feb-2011 Lockport, NY Tended bar at the Eagles Club in Lockport. Vietnam veteran.  
Sandra Drury (Intihar) Lockport, NY   FB
Jo Anne Duby (Zark) Died 23-Jul-1974 Clarence Township, NY Went by her first name "Jo". Died in a motorcycle accident. Wife of Gregory Zark.  
John Durie Bowling Green, KY U.S. Army veteran. Worked at GM Corvette plant in Bowling Green for 34.5 years, more recently a full time American Red Cross volunteer. Married to Sharon, father of four children. FB
Kristen Dysinger (Smith) West Hartford, CT Married to Paul Smith.  
John Easterby Died 15-Jan-2002 Lived at 82 McIntosh Dr, Lockport NY. Married Yvonne Gail, father of two children.  
Janet Eastridge Port Saint Lucie, FL Studied Microbiology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. Worked at Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, NJ. FB
Carol Eaton (Hawkins) Lockport, NY Widow of Fritz Mevs and Charles Hawkins, mother of three children. FB
Susan Eick (Hawkins) Gray Court, SC Widowed, mother of two children. FB
Carla Enzinna (D'Onofrio) Old Lyme, CT    
Stephen "Steve" Esposito Lyndonville, NY Married to Judy Downs.  
Susan Fabian (Bernardi) Lockport, NY Married to John Bernardi, mother of two children. FB
Richard "Rick" Few Lockport, NY Retired accountant at Harrison Radiator. Married to Linda (retired music teacher), father of two children.  
Alvin Fiedler Lockport, NY    
James Fink Gasport, NY    
Mary Fink (Bechtel) Cheektowaga, NY Studied at Millard Fillmore School of Radiology. Office Manager for Senator Dale Volker. FB
Daniel "Dan" Fitzgerald Lockport, NY Policy analyst/web programmer. Married to Dorothy. FB
John Fitzgerald Died 22-May-1997 Niagara County, NY U.S. Army veteran.  
Robert Flynn Pearland, TX U.S. Army veteran. Retired from General Motors.  
James "Rusty" Fogle Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran. Sales management. Married to Linda Demmin, father of two children. FB
Bonita "Bonnie" Folkerth (Vince) Lockport, NY    
Patrick "Pat" Foltz York, PA Graduate of SUNY Albany, graduate degree(s?) from the University of Wisconsin. Director of many historical societies/organizations/museums including The History Center in Tompkins County (Ithaca, NY), the Historical Society of York County (York, PA), the Montgomery County Historical Society (Dayton, OH), Preservation Pennsylvania (York, PA) and the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (Hershey, PA). Married to Barbara, father of two children. FB
John Fontana Lockport, NY    
Martha Foster (Tate) Tucker or Lawrenceville or Saint Simons Island, GA    
Rae Foster (Dunn) Knightdale, NC    
Daniel Fraser Lockport, NY    
Edward Fritton Lexington, MA    
John Fuerch Lewiston, NY Studied Physical Education and Health at SUNY Buffalo. Treetop Acres Christmas Trees on Lower Mountain Rd in Cambria, NY ( FB
Thomas "Tom" Fura Loveland, CO    
Raymond Gabner Died Newnan, GA   FB
Nancy Gailor Lockport, NY Studied Elementary Education at Kent State University. Teacher in Lockport City School District. FB
Frances Garver (Buczkowski) Lockport, NY    
Kathleen Giertz (Godfrey) Died 1-Jul-2006 Lockport, NY    
Darlene Gill (Oudette) Lockport, NY Worked at General Motors. Mother of one child.  
Harry Gill Daytona Beach, FL   FB
Anna Glanz (Horton) Lockport, NY Married Paul Horton, mother of one child.  
Sheila Glassford (Goehle) Angola, NY Mother of two children. FB
Paul Gleeson Las Cruces, NM Married to Carol McGrath, father of three children.  
Rosemary Glenn (Niederhofer) Leavenworth, KS    
Judy Glover (Scott) Atlanta, GA   FB
Barratt "Barrie" Gorman Oswego, NY    
Beverly "Bevin" Gow (Lambert) Lockport, NY Marine Corps veteran (enlisted soon after graduation from LSHS). Worked for the Navy as a civilian. Independent contractor as an interpreter for the deaf. Sign language teacher.  
Douglas Greenbush Savannah, GA    
Peter Gutmann Lockport, NY    
Stephen "Steve" Haber Died 30-Jul-1972 Colorado Had the nickname "Habu" at Emmet Belknap and LSHS. Graduate of Union College. Died from a 20 feet fall from a rock face at Berthoud Pass about 50 miles from Denver while hiking in mountains in Colorado. At the time he was a third year student at the University of Denver Law School. Associate editor of the International Law Review, served on the staff of the Denver Legal Aid Society.  
Michael Haenle Lockport, NY   FB
Kenard Hahn Palm Harbor, FL    
Thomas Hallifax Mankato, MN    
Margaret "Maggie" Hamel (McCloud) Youngstown, OH Married to George McCloud, adoptive mother of one child.  
Margaret Hanel (Bourne) Gasport, NY    
Patricia Hare (Wilson) Died 14-May-2007 Lockport, NY Lived in Lockport, NY. Worked in Administrative Staff for Niagara-Orleans BOCES. Mother of one child.  
Donna Harper Lockport, NY    
Gregory Harzewski Lockport, NY    
Lawrence "Larry" Hayden North Creek, NY    
Sylvia Heine (Stymus) Lockport, NY    
Lana Herl (Strong) Rochester, NY Married to Larry Strong.  
Gail Hetherly (Sullivan) Lockport, NY   FB
Gary Heuck Lewiston, NY B.A from the University of Buffalo (Cum Laude), EdM from the University of Buffalo, studied Political Science/Urban Planning. Veteran of U.S. Navy Medical Corps/FMF. New York State Regional Veterans Coordinator at the NYS Department of Labor. Father of two children. FB
Karen Hiam (Walk)      
Frederick "Ted" Hofert Lockport, NY U.S. Air Force veteran. Worked at General Motors. Married to Annamarie, father of two children. FB
Carol Ann Hughes (Gillings) Newfane, NY Retired Register Nurse (RN). Married to Roger Gillings, mother of five children.  
David Hulshoff Buffalo, NY and/or Lady Lake, FL   FB
Randy Hum Died 10-Dec-2014 Tucson, AZ Computer science degree from the University of Arizona. Senior systems analyst and adjunct professor at Pima Community College. Active leader in Boy Scouts. Husband of Nancy Marotta, father of two sons.  
John Huntington Lockport, NY    
Theodore "Ted" Ianni Lockport, NY    
Lawrence "Larry" Illig Burt, NY Served in U.S. Army for five years, including one year in Vietnam. Worked for the Federal government in the Army Communication Command at Fort Huaucha, AZ for 32 years.  
Elizabeth "Betty" Jackson (Pratt) Died 27-Nov-2010 Lockport, NY Aide for the Headstart Program. Accomplished artist, constantly painting. Wife of William Pratt, mother of three children.  
Linda Jakubec (Wagner) Lockport, NY    
Thomas Jancetic North Tonawanda, NY    
Diane Jaynes (Lemley) Lockport, NY School secretary for Lockport School District. Married to Dick Lemley, mother of two children.  
Cynthia "Cindy" Joaquin (Croft) Died 10-Aug-1972 Huntington Beach, CA In Aug-1970 lived in Westminster, CA.  
Norma Jean Johnson (Danylak) Died 19-Feb-1994 Lockport, NY    
Albert Johnston Lockport, NY    
James Johnston Lockport, NY    
R. Harold Jones Lockport, NY aka Harold R. Jones  
William Harold "Butch" Jones Died 17-May-2006 Lockport, NY Worked in production at Harrison Radiator. Husband of Lorraine Lewis, father of one daughter.  
Judith "Judy" Joy Newport, NH Nurse. Air Force then Army Nurse Corps. Bachelors degree in Psychology from UB, Masters degree in Nursing from UB, doctorate from University of Texas at Austin. Executive Director of New Hampshire Nurses' Association.  
Peter Kagels Newfane, NY   FB
Karen Kandt (Meyer) Parker, CO University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduate of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing (WRAIN) of the University of Maryland (B.S. Nursing), M.A. from Webster University at Denver. Career as a nurse/officer in the U.S. Army, National Guard and Army Reserves, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1992. Served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. Married to Mark Meyer, mother of three children. FB
Mary Kathleen "Kathy" Keller (O'Byrne) Lockport, NY    
John Kelso Los Gatos, CA Graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College (B.S. in Chemistry). Officer in the U.S. Army (Army Security Agency), advanced learning of Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, then served in Germany and Vietnam. Then worked several years for the National Security Agency (NSA), during which time he earned a law degree. Later felt a calling to the ministry, earned a ministry degree from a seminary at Princeton and became a Presbyterian minister; his first church was in San Jose, CA. Now the Stated Clerk and General Counsel of both the Presbytery of San Jose and the Synod of the Pacific. Married to Paula. FB
Ralph Kemp Gulfport, MS    
James Killion Lockport, NY    
Roxanne Klutts (Wallace) Lockport, NY Graduate of SUNY Brockport (MS in Education). Reading specialist for Albion Central School District. Past President and current member of the Niagara Frontier Reading Council. Married to Keith Wallace, mother of two children.  
Barbara Korff (Gillmeister) Venice, FL   FB
John "Jack" Koup Aiken, SC    
Margaret "Marj" Kozyra Palmetto, FL Worked for a while at the Basset Travel Greyhound station in Lockport, then served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years. In charge of several dental clinics, trained to be a dental hygienist. Degree in Dental Hygiene, degree in Liberal Arts, BBA in Business and Marketing, BBS in Hospitality and Tourism from Niagara University. Worked for the IRS in Buffalo and worked for the Veterans Administration. Partner of Kathryn, mother of two children. FB
Kathleen "Kathy" Kuchey (Covell) Wilson/Newfane, NY    
Dorothy Kuzma (Pecoraro) Lockport, NY    
Paul LaForest Youngstown, NY U.S. Air Force veteran.  
Tamera LaForest (St Onge) Lockport, NY and/or Manlius, NY    
Molly Lalich (Lesser) Lockport, NY    
Donald Larcom Naples, FL Studied at SUNY Buffalo. Worked at Harrison Radiator Division GMC. FB
Maureen Lardner (Cervoni) Lockport, NY    
Mark LaRoach Endicott, NY Served in the New York Air National Guard. 43 years in public schools education. High school teacher in Starpoint Central School District; Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, then Assistant to Vice President for Academic Affairs, at Niagara University; Assistant Superintendent and Personnel Director for Oxford Hills School District in Maine; Superintendent of Winthrop Public Schools in Maine; Superintendent of Newmarket Public School District in New Hampshire; Superintendent of Vestal Central School District near Binghamton, NY.  
Francine Lathrop New York, NY Studied at Niagara County Community College. Worked at McCanliss & Early. FB
Gary Lawton Medina, NY    
James Lee Lockport, NY Retired Lieutenant with New York State Department of Correctional Services (33+ years). Married to Linda, father of two children. FB
Nancy Lee (Graham) Tully, NY and/or Winter Haven, FL    
Robert Lehman Died 30-Mar-1998 Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran (1968-1971) - Sgt in Vietnam.  
Patricia Leonard (Kennedy) Lockport, NY Graduate of Buffalo State. 6th grade teacher for short time. Later became a realtor. Active in her church, the Lockport College Women's Club and the League of Women Voters. Married to Shannon Kennedy, mother of three children.  
Henry Lewis Appleton, NY    
Steven "Steve" Lewis Tampa, FL Graduate of Cornell University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Military veteran (Veterinary Corps, Civil Affairs). Veterinarian at Davis Island Animal Clinic in Tampa, FL. Married to Michelle, father of three children.  
Marlene Liberty (Gerber) Charleston, SC   FB
Patricia Liddle (Jones) Lockport, NY    
Diane Linderman (Wiedrich) West Henrietta, NY Studied Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman's University. Married to Donald Wiedrich, mother of two children. FB
Ruth Ann Livingston (Kiff) Lockport, NY Studied at United School of Cosmotology. Works in Registration at Eastern Niagara Hospital Expresscare. Married to Robert Kiff Jr., mother of two children and stepmother of four children. FB
Douglas "Doug" Lloyd Lockport, NY Real estate/construction. Married to Jayne, father of one child.  
Carol Lockwood (Carlin) Surprise, AZ   FB
Ronald Lockwood Depew, NY    
Sharon Lowery Lewiston, NY    
Mary Lou Lux (Klemer) Brunswick, GA   FB
Rosemary Madden (Ward) Middleport, NY Studied at Bryant & Stratton College. Worked for over 35 years in the Niagara County Commissioner of Jurors Office, including being Commissioner of Jurors for the last 10 of those years. Married to David Ward, mother of two children. FB
Suzanne Magin (Donovan) Tampa, FL    
Kathleen "Kathy" Mangiafesto (Fahs) Lockport, NY Meals on Wheels. FB
John Manion Apoka, FL Stock promoter, public relations company.  
Thomas Markley Lockport, NY and/or Fort Lauderdale, FL    
Nancy Marotta (Hum) Tucson, AZ Married Randy Hum.  
Robert "Bob" Marsh Kernersville, NC Worked in construction, then worked as a graphic artist. Married to Dottie, father of two children. FB
Linda Martin      
Thomas "Chip" Maslowski Hendersonville, NC B.S. in Business Administration from SUNY Buffalo (1984). Father of two children.  
Gary Maynard Lockport, NY    
James Mazzo Largo, FL Studied Political Science at the University of Buffalo. Married to Angela. FB
Charles McCain Lockport, NY ?    
Jane McCandless      
Craig McCarthy Lockport, NY    
Patricia McCarthy (Malin) Williamsville, NY M.S. Nursing. Mother of two children.  
Jacqueline "Jackie" McEnroe (Nemi) Lockport, NY   FB
Richard McKenzie Died 30-Jul-2003 Gasport, NY   FB
Phyllis Meahl (Bowerman) Fairport, NY and/or Canandaigua, NY    
Thomas Michel Auburn, NY    
Christina "Tina" Miller (Ligotti) Wilmington, NC Studied at Marymount College of Virginia. Married to Ben Ligotti, mother of one child. FB
Dennis Miller Lockport, NY    
Peter Miller Delmont, PA    
William "Bill" Miller      
Sharon Moore (Rhodes) Appleton, NY    
Joan Moreland (Kam) Died 13-Oct-2015 Lockport, NY Worked in production at Delphi. Mother of three children.  
David Morotchie Died 10-Mar-2013    
Wendy Morse (Coash) San Angelo, TX Receiving manager. Widow of Lee Coash, mother of one child. FB
Joyce Moskalik (Barnes) Lockport, NY    
Linda Muir (Simmons) Died Oct-1990 probably Monroe County, NY    
Michael Mulvey Corpus Christi, TX Works in the oil business. FB
Mary Jane Murtaugh (Thurston) Lockport, NY BA and MS degrees from State University College at Buffalo. Teacher in Medina Central School District. Married to John Thurston, mother of two children. FB
Jonathan "Jon" Muscalo Moore, SC V.P. of Facilities at Legends Hospitality Management. FB
Samuel Muscarella Lockport, NY Married to Linda Dixon.  
Magda (Magdolna) Nagy (Stephens) Lawtey, FL    
Richard Napoli Lockport, NY Graduate of Purdue University (B.S.) and Canisius College (M.B.A. in Finance). U.S. Army veteran. Retired Project Engineer from Delphi after 35 years. Married to Maureen, father of one child, stepfather of two children. FB
James Neal      
Thomas "Tom" Neil Tucson, AZ Graduate of Catalina High School in Tucson, graduate of the University of Arizona (full music scholarship, studied Economics). Worked in the lending and title company industries, then began working as a full-time realtor in 1995. Married to Trudi, father of two children. FB
Henry "Hank" Nevins Lockport, NY U.S. Army veteran, served with American Forces Vietnam Network 1969-1970. 45 year career in radio industry as air talent/radio host, programmer and senior management. WKBW, WGR, WBEN and WHTT in Buffalo, NY; WQCR/WJOY in Burlington, VT; WRVE/WGY in Albany, NY. Also worked in independent record promotion. Father of one child.  
Arlene Newman (Barnes) Died 1-Apr-2014 Bon Aqua, TN Wife of Donald Barnes, mother of two children.  
Mary Anne Newman (Womble) Naples, FL Graduate of Centre College (Bachelor of Arts degree) and West Virginia University. School teacher. Married to Mike Womble, mother of two children. FB
Philip Newman Lockport, NY    
Margaret "Maggie" Newton (Zusky) Wellesley Hills, MA Studied at The Ohio State University. Publisher at John Wiley & Sons. Married to Paul Zusky, mother of three children. FB
Norma Nicholas (Illic) Died 18-Feb-2013 Lockport, NY Worked as a waitress at the Eagles Club, the American Legion and the Pleasant Valley Tavern. Wife of Gunther Illic, mother of five children.  
Georgia Nicholson (Redding) Orange Park, FL Works at Lowe's Home Improvement. FB
Thomas Nixon Ozark, AL Studied at Sewanee: The University of the South. U.S. Army veteran. Ordained Episcopal priest 1983, DMin degree 1996, ministry in Alabama, retired since 2010. Worked at Dale County Rescue Mission. Widowed, father of two children. FB
Cynthia "Cindy" Oddi Lockport, NY    
Allan Oestreich Orlando, FL or Windermere, FL   FB
Rema Painter   Woman's Army Corps veteran.  
Frank Palmer Mansfield, TX    
Peter Palmer Died 26-Mar-2015 Keene, NH Graduate of Kent State University. Founded Dake Woodworks, later acquired New England Wood Designs, co-owner of Piggy's Fine Repurposed Goods. Husband of Justine "Tina" Holod, father of two children.  
Carol Ann Pardo (Kelley) Died 20-Jun-2014 Wife of Perry Kelley, mother of two children.  
Deborah Parker (Carpenter) Simsbury, CT   FB
Mary Parr (Hendrix) Kings Beach, CA Mother of one child. FB
John Pascarella Barker, NY Married to Rosemary Scarpinato, father of two children. FB
Marlene Patient Lockport, NY    
Kenneth Pelletier Lockport, NY    
Antoinette Pellicano (Molinaro) Lockport, NY Studied at Bryant & Stratton College. Molinaro's Ristorante. FB
Nancy Penwright (Rivera) Lockport, NY Methods operator at Harrison Radiator GMC. Married to Hilario "Larry" Rivera, mother of two children. FB
Louis "Lou" Peracciny      
Robert Pickles Lockport, NY    
Sharon Pipitone (Palladino) Lockport, NY Studied at Niagara County Community College. Worked at New York Telephone Company, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, Verizon. Married to James Palladino, mother of three children. FB
John "Tate" Pitrello Lockport, NY Studied at SUNY Buffalo. Works for New York State Gaming. Father of two children. FB
Larry Pless Died 5-Aug-1997 Lockport, NY    
James Preisch Died 16-Feb-2014 Lockport, NY Vietnam veteran. Served in the Marine Corps 1967-1970 and 1974-1976. Husband of Sandra Bragg, father of three children.  
Lynn Pusateri (Granchelli) Lockport, NY   FB
Daniel Putnam      
Diane Quagliano (Sherwin) Byron, NY    
John Randall Died 2015    
Paul Rathke Parksville, British Columbia, Canada Degrees from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, Northwestern University and the University of Kentucky. PhD. U.S. Army veteran, member of the United States Army Field Band. Faculty member and Chair at Grande Praire Regional College, Alberta, Canada. Guest conductor for the Grande Praire College Chamber Orchestra. FB
Gail Raymond (Mears) Died 25-Mar-1997    
Frances Read (Huston) Lockport, NY    
Robert Reed Lockport, NY    
Timothy "Tim" Reed Canandaigua, NY New York State National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve. Educator, Niagara University Masters. Married to Sandra Rounds, father of one child.  
Frances Reynolds      
Rodney Rich Springville, NY    
Gary Richau Died 23-Dec-2003 Cookeville, TN U.S. Army veteran (1968-1970). Staff sergeant in Vietnam.  
Larry Rinaldo Lockport, NY    
Lynne Rising (Steinwandel) Clearwater, FL   FB
Robert Rising Lockport, NY    
Ellen Robarge (Schwartz) Died 12-May-1976 Lockport, NY    
Susan Robarr (Gregg) Conway, SC   FB
Donald Robison Lockport, NY    
Susan Robson      
Robert "Bob" Rockwood Middleburg, VA Graduate of Syracuse University. Aircraft broker. Managing Director at Bristol Associates (acquisition, disposition and financing of commercial and corporate aircraft) in Washington, DC. Previously Professional Pilot Magazine. Married to Karen. Bob and Karen have a farm where they rescue abused animals. FB
Ronald Rogowski Williamsville, NY Motor coach driver at Niagara Scenic Tours. FB
David "Dave" Root Pompano Beach, FL   FB
George Root Lockport, NY    
Cheryl Lynn Rose (Teague) Lockport, NY Married to Gary Teague, mother of one child. FB
Diana (Diane) Rose (LeCroy) Lockport, NY    
James Rose Lockport, NY    
Marcia Rosselli (Mullett) Lockport, NY Elementary school teacher.  
Sandra "Sandy" Rounds (Reed) Canandaigua, NY Educator. Married to Timothy Reed, mother of one child.  
Susan Ryan (Granchelle) Died 1-Oct-2009    
Stephen "Steve" Rycyna Williamsville, NY Graduate of the University of Notre Dame (B.S. degree in pre-professional studies), M.D. degree from Loyola University School of Medicine, orthopedic residency at the University of Buffalo. Orthopedic surgeon. Partner and surgeon at Excelsior Orthopaedics in Amherst, NY. Clinical Instructor at SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine and Rochester Institute of Technology. Team Physician for Lockport Senior High School, Tonawanda Senior High School, Buffalo Bandits and Saint Joseph's Collegiate Institute. Buffalo Marathon Medical Director. Married to Donna Herberger, father of five children. FB
Ilamarie Salisbury (Schnackel) Middleport, NY Worked at Orleans/Niagara Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). Married to Dale Schnackel, mother of two children.  
Humbart "Smokey" Santillo Sarasota, FL B.S. degree from Edinboro State Teachers College. Promoter of natural therapeutics. Dr., musician and author. Father of two children. FB
Rosemary "Rosie" Scarpinato (Pascarella) Barker, NY Married to John Pascarella, mother of two children. FB
Benno Scheibner Sugar Land, TX Graduated #1 in LSHS Class of 1966. A.B. from Colgate University, M.S. from the University of Colorado, PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado. Geophysicist for Shell, Marketing Consult for Shell Geoscience Services. Active in St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Richmond, TX. Married to Barbara Jo Conner, father of one child. FB
Duane Schielke New York, NY U.S. Army veteran (Artillery Section Chief with 1st Field Forces in South Vietnam, 1968-1970). Masters degree from the University of Buffalo. Executive Vice President of Cerebral Palsy Associations of NYS, Executive Director of the Alliance for Integrated Care of NY.  
Ronald Schmidt Lockport, NY    
Gail Schoelles (Raymond) Deer Park, TX   FB
Karl Schulz Died 10-Jul-2002 Brockport, NY Husband of Stella, father of one child.  
Maria Scotch (Miller) Lockport, NY    
Lester Sears Rich Creek, VA Worked for U.S. Postal Service, Postmaster. Married to Gladys, father of two children. FB
Eric Sebring Tampa, FL    
Peter Seeloff Elizabeth City, NC U.S. Navy veteran. FB
Sue Sharp (Baes) Died 21-Jun-1990 Married James Baes.  
Joseph Shaw Lockport, NY    
Gail Sheehan (Schultz) Lockport, NY    
Lisa Sieg Saint Petersburg, FL Registered Nurse, realtor. Mother of two children. FB
Jana Siemendorf (Buchheit) Lockport, NY    
Louis "Louie" Simard Wilson/Newfane, NY Studied at Niagara County Community College. Worked at General Motors. FB
Marianne Simons (Pickard) Died 4-Oct-2001 Rittman, OH Wife of Richard Pickard, mother of one son.  
Suzanne Sippel (Korneliusen) Rochester, NY B.A. from the State University College at Potsdam, M.S. from Nazreth College of Rochester. Social Studies teacher at Gates Chili High School. Married to James Korneliusen, mother of three children.  
Dennis Sisler Clayton, NY Studied at Rochester Institute of Technology. Retired correctional sergeant from New York State Department of Correctional Services. Married to Robin, father of one child. FB
William "Bill" Smiley De Leon Springs, FL U.S. Navy veteran. Electronics technician. Retired from Federal government. Married to Andrea, father of two children. FB
Gary Smith Lockport, NY    
Robert Smith      
Terri Smith (Weber) Palo Alto, CA Registered Nurse at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Married to Larry Weber, mother of two children. FB
John Soha Winterville, GA    
Thomas "Tom" Sparlin Fairfield, IL Studied Public Administration at the University of Albuquerque. U.S. Air Force veteran, U.S. Army veteran. Supervisor North American Lighting. Married to Sandra Lynn. FB
Clay Robert "Bobby" Sprung Died 20-May-2016 Gasport, NY Graduate of Niagara University. Payroll clerk for the Niagara County Treasurer's Office, manager of the Niagara University basketball team. Former husband of Bronwen Everett, step-father of two step-sons. FB
Daryl St Onge Lockport, NY   FB
David St Onge Ransomville, NY Studied Communication and Media Arts at Niagara County Community College. DMS Photography, DMS Productions and ABC Party Tents. FB
Mary Stacy Rochester, NY    
Patricia Stamm (McGinnis) Southport, NC    
Patricia Stamp (Calhoon) Lees Summit, MO   FB
Gary Stemper Wilson, NY   FB
Nancy Stephenson (Cieluszak) Died 24-Sep-2013 Charlotte, NC Worked at Sherwood Selpac in Lockport. Wife of Donald Larcom and Paul Cieluszak.  
Andrea Stevens (Gleason) Henderson, NV    
Bruce Stevens Daytona Beach Shores, FL Army Air National Guard veteran. Married to Dianne, father of five children. FB
Robert Stevens Lockport, NY    
Patrick Stickney Holiday, FL Married to Michele Arrigo.  
George "Rusty" Stoner Dunedin, FL Plumber. FB
Carolyn Stout (Murray) Died 1-Feb-1979 Rochester, NY Died from an automobile accident. Wife of George "Skip" Murray, mother of two children.  
Susan Strassburg (Stoddard) Bradenton, FL Graduate of Buffalo State College. Teacher at Royalton-Hartland Central School. Married to Calvin Stoddard, mother of two children. FB
Larry Strong Rochester, NY Married to Lana Herl.  
John Strouse Tyngsborough, MA Studied at SUNY Brockport. Air National Guard, currently FC USCGAUX. Married to Helen, father of two children. FB
Marcy Strouse (Miceli) Brockport, NY A.A.S. in Dental Hygiene from Erie County Technical Institute, B.S. in Education and Communications from SUNY Brockport, B.S. in Nursing from SUNY Brockport, M.S.Ed in Community Health Education from SUNY Brockport. Registered Nurse, Registered Dental Hygienist. Senior Organizational Development Specialist at the University of Rochester. Director of Education for AIDS Rochester Inc. Adjunct lecturer at SUNY Brockport for 20+ years. Amateur actor. Married to Jim Miceli, mother of two children. FB
John Stuart Lockport, NY Air Force veteran. Married to Patti Dohring, father of two children.  
Nancy Suckovitch (Watson) Medina, NY    
James Sullivan Lockport, NY Married to Rosemary, father of two children.  
Kenneth "Ken" Sutter Rockford, MI Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. U.S. Army veteran, medical corpman in Vietnam. Chiropractor (D.C.). Ken's website: . Father of two children, step-father of one child.  
Darlene Swanson (Williamson) Oakton, VA B.S. in Speech & Hearing Science from Purdue University, M.A in Speech Pathology from the University of Illinois. CCC-SLP (Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists). Expertise, extensive experience and widespread recognition in speech-language pathology and post-stroke care. Founder and Executive Director of the Stroke Comeback Center in Vienna, VA ( Lockport High School Distinguished Alumna (2016 honoree). Married to James Paul Williamson, mother of two children. FB
Susan Sweet (Brown) Gowanda, NY Studied at Gowanda State Hospital School of Nursing. ADOM/QM/Infection Control Nurse at Lake Shore Nursing Home. FB
Cynthia Swift (Flynn) Prescott, AZ Attorney, now retired. Works part time in a bookstore and part time in a treatment center for women. Mother of one child.  
James Switzer Lockport, NY Veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees. Married to Nancy, father of two children.  
Annette Takirambudde   American Field Service foreign exchange student from Uganda.  
Betty Taylor (Mahome) Died 25-Sep-2003 Niagara Falls, NY Graduated from Niagara County Community College School of Nursing. Attended Bronx Community College, the University of Massachusetts, Clark University and the University of Buffalo. Registered Nurse for more than 30 years at Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Memorial Medical Center and Buffalo General Hospital. Mother of five children.  
Jeri Taylor Newfane, NY Graduate of Business School and BOCES Licensed Practical Nurse school. Worked at Sherwood Selpac, Ames, Mount View, Lockport Hospital, the Veterans Administration in Buffalo, Newfane Nursing Home, and Newfane InterCommunity Hospital (Eastern Niagara Hospital). Mother of one child. FB
Peter Taylor Lockport, NY    
Margaret Thoma (Stevenson) Barker, NY Poultry farm (for eggs), then greenhouses until husband died in 2003. Then worked as an aide at Newfane Hospital for over 20 years, then worked in medical records until retiring. Widow of James Stevenson, mother of three children.  
Marshall Thomson Morrilton, AR    
Alan Thurston New York, NY Graduate of SUNY at Buffalo (majoring in History). Moved to New York City after graduating from college. Worked for the New York Historical Society, the Social Security Administration and the NYC Housing Authority while pursuing an acting career. Has appeared in stage productions throughout the NYC metropolitran area, in short films and in a web series. Continued involvement in acting. Web pages on Alan's acting career include: .  
Charles Timian Died 31-Dec-2002 Lockport, NY    
Frances "Fran" Timkey (McCoy) Port Saint Lucie, FL    
Spencer Tindall Died 1-Feb-2002 FL Retired Chief Petty Officer with the Navy. Moved to central FL from Buffalo, NY in 1981.  
Janet Tisack (Luff) Buffalo, NY    
Dorothy Townsend (Ramming) Gasport, NY    
Jackson "Jack" Trombley Gasport, NY    
Sandra Trude Newfane, NY    
Cynthia "Cindy" Udell (Harris) Lockport, NY   FB
Sandra "Sandi" Ulas (Hugo) Palmdale, CA U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. Studied at Antelope Valley College. Worked for AT&T for 31 years. Substitute teacher for Palmdale School District. Speech and Language Pathologist assistant. California state licenses in Real Estate Appraisal, as a pharmacy technician, and as a cosmologist. Married to David Hugo, mother of two children. FB
David "Dutch" Ulrich Lockport, NY Real estate developer. Honorary member of the LSHS Class of 1966 and strong supporter of the Class of 1966. Graduated in the LSHS Class of 1967. Lockport High School Distinguished Alumnus (2007 honoree).  
Ronald "Ron" Ulrich El Paso, TX Graduate of General Motors Institute (B.S. in Industrial Engineering), M.S. in Industrial Engineering from SUNY Buffalo, MBA (Business Administration, Management and Operations) from SUNY Buffalo. Various high-level management positions at General Motors/Delphi in Lockport, NY and Juarez, Mexico. Director at Victory Packaging in Juarez, Mexico. Married to Debra, father of two children.  
Nancy Walker Lockport, NY    
Richard Walker Died 2005    
Daryl Scot Walmer Hall Lockport, NY   FB
Bruce Warner Gasport, NY    
Sharon Wass (Littlepage) Katy, TX Studied at Alvin Community College. FB
Constance "Connie" Wasson (Pundt) Castle Rock, CO Teaching degree from Central Michigan University, Masters degree from the University of Colorado in Denver. Elementary school teacher for 27 years. Married to Larry Pundt, mother of three children. FB
Joleen Weaver (Bunn) Lockport, NY    
Robert Weinheimer Lockport, NY    
James Wertman Lockport, NY Served in the U.S. Air Force for 34 years (aircraft maintenance and supervisor). Married to Sharon, father of five children.  
Allan Weseman Jacksonville, FL Auto mechanic. Worked in the family business, Plaza Texaco at the Lockport Plaza. Then worked at Volkswagen Village, Amendola Volkswagen and Granville Volkswagen in NY; then at Frank Griffin Volkswagen and Tom Bush Volkswagen in FL; then at an independent transmission repair facility in FL. Married to Sondra "Soni" Charles McCarthy, father of one child, stepfather of three children. FB
Timothy West Waterport, NY    
James White Lockport, NY    
Robert White Lockport, NY    
Susan Whitehead (Testa) Port Charlotte, FL Clerk at Charlotte County Clerk of Court.  
Bergeen Williams (Lee) Died 9-Oct-2005 Lockport, NY    
James "Jim" Williams California and Washington J.D. degree. Attorney.  
James Paul Williamson Oakton, VA Goes by his middle name "Paul". B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University, J.D. degree from the University of Illinois School of Law. Attorney. Partner with Tara M. Vold in Vold & Williamson law firm in McLean, VA, practicing trademark and copyright law ( Previously worked as an attorney for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and as an attorney for the U.S. Assistant Commissioner of Trademarks, then as an attorney in private practice focusing on intellectual property law. Married to Darlene Swanson, father of two children. FB
Rhonda Wilson (McKeever) Lockport, NY    
Robert Wilson Lockport, NY Dairy farmer, insurance salesman, bus driver for Ridge Road Express. Married to Becky Thompson, father of one child (son Brian M. Wilson, a guidance counselor at Lockport High School).  
Nelda Winter (Prendergast) Wilmington, NC    
Douglas Winters Rochester, NY    
Teresa Wolcott Waterport, NY    
Lloyd Wood Lockport, NY    
Kathryn Worton (Zinni)      
Connie Yox (Lewis) Lockport, NY Housewife. Married to Orv Lewis, mother of one child.  
Gary Zaciewski Lockport, NY Vietnam War veteran. Physical education teacher at New Directions Youth & Family Services. Married to Debra, father of two children. FB
Elton John Zeitz Lockport, NY    
Charles "Chuck" Ziehl Lockport, NY Air Force veteran. Telecomm technician for the national power grid (Niagara Mohawk). Married to Janet, father of three children. FB
Thomas Zinni Died 20-May-2013 Evansville, IN

Military veteran. Police officer in Florida. Husband, father of one son.