Diamond Jubilee Reunion Photos

Thursday Afternoon Informal Kickoff - Marvin's at Widewaters

ATTENDEES (21 Classmates and 11 Guests): Walter Archie, Tony Busch & Georgeann Busch (Tony's spouse), Bonnie Butcher Czechowski & Tom Czechowski (Bonnie's spouse), Paul DeLange, Tony DiGiorgio, Harley Donnelly & Bob Pulvino (Harley's Class of '65 guest), Linda Demmin Fogle & Glen & Joan Beutel (Linda's & Rusty's guests), Rusty Fogle, Carol Hughes Gillings, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Gary Heuck, Sandra Ulas Hugo & Deanna Phelan (Sandra's guest), Al Johnston & Bev Luffman (Al's partner), Judy Joy & Kathy Krahn (Judy's guest), James Lee, Connie Yox Lewis, Smokey Santillo, Jim Switzer, Jeri Taylor, Roxanne Klutts Wallace & Keith Wallace (Roxanne's spouse) and Marty Dohring Whitehead & Lee Whitehead (Marty's spouse).


LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Archie, Paul DeLange, Tony DiGiorgio, Gary Heuck, Rusty Fogle, Smokey Santillo, Bob Pulvino (Class of '65) and Harley Donnelly


LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Switzer, Walter Archie, Gary Heuck, Smokey Santillo, Roxanne Klutts Wallace (kneeling), Bonnie Butcher Czechowski, Connie Yox Lewis, Judy Joy, Linda Demmin Fogle, Jeri Taylor and Carol Hughes Gillings


Carol Hughes Gillings and Jeri Taylor



Friday Afternoon Community Service Project - Heritage Manor Sing-A-Long

ATTENDEES (!8 Classmates and 1 Guest): Kevin Clark, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski, Beth Donahue Cobb (in spirit as she had the original idea, but was unable to attend due to an injury), Harley Donnelly, Judy Downs Esposito, Linda Demmin Fogle, Rusty Fogle, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Liz Cipolla Green, Mary Parr Hendrix, Judy Joy, Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen, Connie Yox Lewis, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Christina Brown Parker, Connie Wasson Pundt, Roxanne Klutts Wallace and Marty Dohring Whitehead.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Connie Wasson Pundt, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski and Liz Cipolla Green


LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Parr Hendrix, Rusty Fogle, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Marty Dohring Whitehead (rear), Liz Cipolla Green (rear), Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen, Judy Joy (rear), Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski (front), Linda Demmin Fogle, Connie Yox Lewis (rear) Judy Downs Esposito (rear), Connie Wasson Pundt and Kevin Clark (front) MISSING: Beth Donahue Cobb (in spirit), Harley Donnelly (photographer), Paul Gleeson and Christina Brown Parker



Friday Evening Buffet - Gothic Hills Golf Course

ATTENDEES (29 Classmates and 12 Guests): Walter Archie, Kevin Clark, John Currie & Paulette Currie (John's spouse), Bonnie Butcher Czechowski & Tom Czechowski (Bonnie's spouse), John Daigler, Tony DiGiorgio, Harley Donnelly, Linda Demmin Fogle, Rusty Fogle, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Nancy Lee Graham & Phil Graham (Nancy's spouse), Mary Parr Hendrix, Gary Heuck, Sandra Ulas Hugo, Deanna Phelan & James Ulas (Sandra's guest and brother), Al Johnston & Bev Luffman (Al's partner), Judy Joy, Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen, Marj Kozyra, Connie Yox Lewis, Doug Lloyd & Jayne Lloyd (Doug's spouse), Marcy Strouse Miceli, Richard Napoli & Maureen Napoli (Richard's spouse), Christina Brown Parker, Connie Wasson Pundt, Lisa Sieg, Daryl St. Onge & Michael Gancasz (Daryl's guest), Jeri Taylor, Roxanne Klutts Wallace & Keith Wallace (Roxanne's spouse) and Marty Dohring Whitehead & Lee Whitehead (Martha's spouse).


FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Lisa Sieg, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Jeri Taylor and Connie Yox Lewis MIDDLE ROWS LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen, Connie Wasson Pundt, Sandra Ulas Hugo, Tony DiGiorgio, Christine Brown Parker, Mary Parr Hendrix, Judy Joy, Daryl St. Onge, Marj Kozyra, Marty Dohring Whitehead, Linda Demmin Fogle, Nancy Lee Graham, Gary Heuck and Bonnie Butcher Czechowski  BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Marcy Strouse Miceli, John Daigler, Walter Archie, Al Johnston, Richard Napoli, Rusty Fogle, Paul Gleeson, Kevin Clark and John Currie  MISSING FROM PHOTO: Harley Donnelly and Doug Lloyd


Richard Napoli, Maureen Napoli (Richard's spouse) and Al Johnston


Rusty Fogle, Linda Demmin Fogle and Richard Napoli



Al Johnston



Saturday Morning Historic Palace Theatre Tour

ATTENDEES (21 Classmates and 5 Guests): Walter Archie, Molly Case, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski, Tony DiGiorgio, Harley Donnelly, Linda Demmin Fogle, Rusty Fogle, Carol Hughes Gillings, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Liz Cipolla Green, Nancy Lee Graham & Phil Graham (Nancy's spouse), Mary Parr Hendrix, Sandra Ulas Hugo & Deanna Phelan (Sandra's guest), Al Johnston & Bev Luffman (Al's partner), Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen, Connie Yox Lewis, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Connie Wasson Pundt, Sharon Moore Rhodes, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Marty Dohring Whitehead & Lee Whitehead (Marty's spouse).


Schine's Palace Marquee


Historic Palace Theatre


Palace Theatre Ticket Stub Box


Palace Theatre Chandeliers


Palace Theatre Murals


Box Seats Stage Right


Mary Parr Hendrix Front Row Center


Rusty Fogle Back Stage


LEFT TO RIGHT IN FRONT: Sharon Moore Rhodes, Paul Gleeson, Mary Parr Hendrix, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Connie Wasson Pundt and Harley Donnelly


LEFT TO RIGHT: Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Rusty Fogle, Sandra Ulas Hugo, Walter Archie, Linda Demmin Fogle, Harley Donnelly, Carol Hughes Gillings, Molly Case, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski, Nancy Lee Graham, Paul Gleeson, Marcy Strouse Miceli, Liz Cipolla Green, Connie Yox Lewis, Tony DiGiorgio, Sharon Moore Rhodes, Marty Dohring Whitehead, Connie Wasson Pundt, Mary Parr Hendrix and Suzanne Sippel Korneliusen  MISSING FROM PHOTO: Al Johnston  



Saturday Afternoon Lunch - Lock 34 Bar & Grill

ATTENDEES (28 Classmates and 9 Guests): Walter Archie, Tony Busch & Georgeann Busch (Tony's spouse), Kevin Clark, Bonnie Butcher Czechowski, Tony DiGiorgio, Harley Donnelly, Linda Demmin Fogle, Rusty Fogle, Carol Hughes Gillings, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Nancy Lee Graham & Phil Graham (Nancy's spouse), Gary Heuck, Sandra Ulas Hugo, Deanna Phelan & James Ulas (Sandra's guest and brother), Al Johnston & Bev Luffman (Al's partner), Judy Joy, Marj Kozyra, Mark LaRoach, Connie Yox Lewis, Richard Napoli & Maureen Napoli (Rich's spouse), Christina Brown Parker, Sharon Moore Rhodes, Smokey Santillo, Daryl St. Onge & Michael Gancasz (Daryl's guest), Jeri Taylor, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Rosemary Madden Ward, Jim Wertman, Marty Dohring Whitehead & Lee Whitehead (Marty's spouse).


LSHS Class of "66 - Together Again


LEFT TO RIGHT: Tony DiGiorgio, Walter Archie, Smokey Santillo, Al Johnston, Mark LaRoach, Gary Heuck, Rusty Fogle, Jim Wertman and Richard Napoli


Tony Busch


Carol Hughes Gillings


Al Johnston


Rusty Fogle, Paul Gleeson (back to camera), Mike Gancasz (Daryl's guest) and Daryl St. Onge 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Rusty Fogle, Tony DiGiorgio. Linda Demmin Fogle and Gary Heuck


LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark LaRoach (back to camera), Tony Busch, Walter Archie and Gary Heuck


Sharon Moore Rhodes, Judy Joy and Kevin Clark (rear)


Judy Joy, Mark LaRoach, Walter Archie and Carol McGrath (Paul Gleeson's partner) 



Sunday Afternoon Wine Tasting, Winery Tour and Lunch - Spring Lake Winery

ATTENDEES (11 Classmates & 3 Guests): Tony DiGiorgio, Linda Demmin Fogle, Rusty Fogle, Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner), Lynn Pusateri Granchelli, Al Johnston & Bev Luffman (Al's partner), Connie Yox Lewis, Smokey Santillo, Lisa Sieg, Roxanne Klutts Wallace and Martha Dohring Whitehead & Lee Whitehead (Marty's spouse).


LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Pudsateri Granchelli, Rusty Fogle, Linda Demmin Fogle, Marty Dohring Whitehead, Connie Yox Lewis, Al Johnston, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Tony DiGiorgio, Lisa Sieg and Smokey Santillo  MISSING FROM PHOTO: Paul Gleeson


LEFT TO RIGHT: Smokey Santillo, Rusty Fogle, Linda Demmin Fogle, Tony DiGiorgio, Roxanne Klutts Wallace, Lisa Sieg, Marty Dohring Whitehead, Al Johnston, Lynn Pusateri Granchelli and Connie Yox Lewis  MISSIMG FROM PHOTO: Paul Gleeson


Paul Gleeson & Carol McGrath (Paul's partner)


Lisa Sieg and Smokey Santillo


Connie Yox Lewis, Tony DiGirogio and Roxanne Klutts Wallace


Rusty Fogle, Lynn Pusateri Granchelli and Al Johnston


Lynn Pusateri Granchelli and Lisa Sieg