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David Hulshoff

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01/09/18 01:43 PM #3    

Bevin Gow (Lambert)

I remember he had a smile for everyone, talked to everyone, brought joy wherever he was. A really sweet guy. I pray he knows the Lord. Bless and keep his loved ones Father.

01/09/18 05:43 PM #4    

Sheila Glassford

Rest in Peace David

01/10/18 09:03 AM #5    

Tom Sparlin

May you rest in peace David

01/10/18 09:19 AM #6    

Chris Dix

It's taken me several days not to mention at least one sleepless night to collect my thoughts on how best to express my sentiments about Dave's tragic death and, yes, at least from my far-distant vantage point, his even more tragic life beginning not so long after our carefree schoolboy days together in Lockport. And yet, I still find myself at a loss for words, which some of you reading this may find extremely hard to believe, to adequately begin to convey my true feelings.

Regrettably, I had very little interaction with Dave following our graduation in 1966. About all I distinctly remember is seeing and briefly talking to him at our 45th Reunion in the summer of 2011 and, more recently, our 50th Reunion in September of 2016---gosh, has it been well over a year already since then. What I saw on both occasions, unfortunately, was a mere shadow of the skinny kid from Charles Upson who grew into an even skinnier, if that's possible, adolescent at Emmet Belknap finally becoming a respected and beloved, but still skinny classmate of ours at LSHS oh-so many years ago.

For my part, I've made the conscious decision to focus on remembering the Dave who was---the fun-loving Omega Pi brother-in-arms who just so happened to also be an outstanding cross-country and long-distance runner---and the Dave who might have been had Fate not so mercilessly intervened at a time when he had so much to live for and his future was still so bright. God bless, godspeed and go in peace, my friend, thankfully, you can stop running from your demons now. 

Finally, a special note of thanks to Tate, Hank and Walt for letting us know of Dave's passing earlier this week and the same to Gary, for sharing the sad news on the untimely death last month of Eddie Conley, one of the really "nice guys" in the Class of '66 with an ever-cheerful smile and mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Aloha 'oe, Dave and Eddie, until we meet again . . . 

01/10/18 11:20 AM #7    

Ken Sutter

I knew both Dave and Ed from high school days. Its sad to see them gone. I used to hang around with Ed a bit my senior year but didn't know Dave personally.

It always upsets me to hear about that damn war getting another one of us though. Fortunately I figured out how to detox the Agent Orange and Parasites back in the 90's which returned my health to pre-Vietnam status. I was able to teach those protocols to quite a few of the Vietnam guys here in Michigan but never made it back to New York except to visit.

That war put a big hole in our generation and it just claimed another one. David Hulshoff. And that hurts. My condolences to his family.

And Chris - Thanks for keeping this site alive. I appreciate it.      

01/10/18 03:59 PM #8    

Mary Jane Murtaugh (Thurston)


Chris, I too have had a really hard time dealing with David's passing. Less than a month ago I lost a dear colleague to a similar situation. Last March, John Daigler, David and I met up at a restaurant near David's home in Florida. We had an incredible afternoon, consisting mostly of lots of laughs about our Upson, Belknap and LSHS days. He was so animated and remembered things I had long forgotten. I did remind him, however how we used to sneak out of the high school basketball games to play spin the bottle under the pine trees on Lincoln Ave. side when we were 6th graders. How he laughed! He also lit up talking about the crazy parties at my house in high school. Said he was always there. I'm so grateful for that meeting as it is exactly how I wish to remember him; a kind, funny and caring man.  My most sincere condolences go out to David's family at this very difficult time. Dave did not deserve what he was dealt! RIP My old friend.




01/10/18 09:22 PM #9    

Dorcas Clapsattle (Kershaw)

It is always sad when I hear of a classmates passing. Dave's passing is deeply poignant because of the emotional prison he experienced for so many years. It causes such a feeling of helplessness and sorrow. Last year I was suppose to meet up with him , John D. & Maryjane , but was unable due to sickness. I felt so sad that I was unable, and today those feelings return. 


01/11/18 05:59 PM #10    

Theresa Angelo (Martineck)

So sorry to hear of David's passing. He was really a great guy. Always remembered his great smile. Also Ed Conley was a close high school friend. He always made me smile. They will be missed.

01/11/18 08:56 PM #11    

Susan Fabian (Bernardi)

David may you rest in peace.

08/08/18 10:01 PM #12    

Henry Nevins

Just learned (Aug 1) that Dave will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. A well deserved honor for our friend who left his youth on the battlefields of Vietnam.

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